On Golden Days (2023)
Directed by James J. Robinson
Produced by Rachael Morrow
Shot by Edward Golder, ACS
Presented by NOWNESS

An ironic takedown of the nostalgia industry in the West, questioning who it leaves behind when we romanticise the past.

This was a video accompanying an art show supported by The Australian Council of the Arts, Hillvale Gallery, PHOTO2022, Kodak, Thirds Fine Art Printing and Kayell.

Screened at:
‘On Golden Days’ presented by PHOTO2022 at Hillvale Gallery, Melbourne 30/04/22 - 30/05/22
‘On Golden Days’ at Gallery Tsukigime, Tokyo 10/09/22 - 01/10/22

Inang Maynila (2021)
Directed, produced and edited by James J. Robinson
Produced by Eileen Remoroza
Shot by Edward Golder
Presented by NOWNESS

An investigation into the life of my mother in 1970’s Manila becomes a meditation on a country under an effective dictatorship; and the generation fighting its way towards independence under it. This is the story of my mother: both my parent and my country.

The short documentary was the first film in the Philippines to be shot on 35mm film in over a decade, and includes interviews with my mother’s high school friends and impressionistic re-enactments shot at her old school, church, markets and neighbourhood.

Screened at:
AMFAA Film Festival, Arkansas 9/16/21
Spain Moving Images Festival, Madrid, 10/02/21 Brooklyn Film Festival, New York, 10/06/22
Beverley Hills Film Festival, Los Angeles, 13/06/22

WINNER: Best Cinematography at Spain Moving Images Festival
WINNER: Silver Award for Cinematography from the Australian Cinematographer’s Society

5:00: A Minute Out of Balance (2018)
Directed, shot and edited by James J. Robinson
Produced and presented by Pseushi

One minute of direct cinema in the city that never sleeps. Exploring the duality of morning and evening in one of the world’s most densley populated areas. Inspired by Koyaanisquatsi (1982), with a score sampling James’s high school choir and Anrdrei Tarkovsky’s Andrei Rublev (1966).

Apollo Health Club, 1995 (2017)
Directed and written by James J. Robinson
Produced by Rachael Morrow
Shot by Amy Dellar.

An all-women’s health club in the mid-90s goes on lockdown when a camera is discovered in the changerooms by a new cleaner.

Produced as James’s thesis film at Swinburne University of Technology, a version of the film was premiered by i-D Magazine with the narrative entirely restructed and dialogue removed in protest to his professors at film school taking too much control over the final product.

Summer Camp Cosmos (2017)
Directed, shot and edited by James J. Robinson

Premiered with Toronto International Film Festival in September 2017, this short film is narrated by a Chinese exchange student’s lonely missed phone call to her family.

            © James J. Robinson, 2020