Wonderland Magazine

             Selected editorials shot for various issues of Wonderland Magazine.

Chinatown for Wonderland Winter 2020.
Styled by Cherry Kim
Casting and assisting by Ally Chen

Shay Gallagher for Wonderland Winter issue 2020.
Styled by Shay Gallagher.
Hair by Matthew Solosnowski.
Makeup by Shaena Boudour.
Production by Rachael Morrow.
Assisted by Ally Chen.

(Sandy) Alex G shot for Wonderland Winter 2020 issue.
Photography, casting and production by James J. Robinson.
Styling by Juliann McCandless.
Styling assisted by Em Rose.
Assisted by Tina Vlahos.

Nadia Araujo shot for Wonderland Autumn 2019.
Styled by Toni Blaze.
Assisted by Rachael Morrow and Ally Chen.
Makeup by Bari Khalique.

‘Across the Universe’ shot for the Spring 2019 issue of Wonderland.
Production by Rachael Morrow.
Styled by Mercy Sang.
Assisted by Ally Chen.

            © James J. Robinson, 2020