‘Photographer James J. Robinson on sadboy Tumblrs and cinema
Indie Magazine by Henry Lifshits
December 2019

‘Exploring diversity before and behind the camera with James J. Robinson’ (print only)
Stuck Magazine by Jacopo Borrini
June 2021 issue

‘Photographer James J. Robinson captures cinematic stills of some of the world’s biggest stars
Fashion Journal by Indah Dwyer
Feburary 2020

‘From Rihanna to Vogue, Here’s How This Photographer Cracked the Industry’
Urban List by Morgan Reardon
March 2019

‘Art for Whose Sake?’ (print only)
To Be Magazine by Sam Nicholls
Summer 2021 issue

‘The magical realism of James J. Robinson’s photography’
i-D UK by Ryan White
November 2018

‘The Safire Homme featuring James J. Robinson’ Safire Homme by Léla Sophia
December 2019

‘Fall in Love in Instagram Again by Following These Photographers’
L’Officiel Art by Margeaux Bang
October 2019

‘James J. Robinson - déconstruction des genres’  (print only)
Paulette Magazine by Xuân Ducandas
Winter 2018 issue

A Conversation with James J. Robinson’
Liminal Magazine by Leah McIntosh
March 2017

‘The Cinematic Visuals of James J. Robinson’ Monster Children by Monique Penning
September 2018

James J. Robinson feature editorial (print only) Decorated Youth Magazine by Heather Hawke
July 2017

‘Artistic utopias and flattering lighting: James J. Robinson is creating work you want to live in’
i-D AU/NZ by Wendy Syfret
September 2016

James J. Robinson Photographs the Youthful Faces of a New Generation’
September 2017

A Tribute to Young People by James J. Robinson’ Fubiz by Mehdi
January 2018

James J. Robinson feature interview
Ludique by Jack Sommer
May 2017

‘Safe spaces, 90s spas and a whole lot of neon’
i-D AU/NZ by Wendy Syfret
May 2017

‘Inside James J. Robinson’s Political Photobook’ Oyster by Alexandra Manatakis
October 2016

‘21 Questions with James J. Robinson’
Fukroo by Sakurako Nagaiwa
July 2017